So what is a coworking space anyways?

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People who work at a coworking space rent a small piece of an office and share amenities, which keeps costs low for everyone while still maintaining the benefits of a traditional office. Coworking is smart option if your work or business requires you to sometimes meet in person, but you'd like to forego the risk and responsibility of a traditional lease agreement. Typically people work the regular 9-5 or less, and that's totally up to you because it's your office and you make the rules. At Elmira Works, monthly members have 24/7 access to the space with a key card.

Overall, the main idea of a coworking space is that you have a clean, fun, professional, and social workspace that's managed for you at some regular membership rate: a coworking space is sort of like a work club.

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Small Business Friendly

We have office space to fit your needs: Do you need a place to meet with clients? Need fast business class fiber internet that won't let you down? Need to host interviews for prospective employees? Need a quiet place for a remote Zoom call?

Elmira Works can offer you all that and more in a clean and professional environment that's sure to impress and keep you on task all day long.

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Remote Workers Welcome

Has working from home become “work is home”? Work from home burnout is real. We are here to help.

Whether you are looking for a change of scenery for a day or something more long-term, we have got you covered. Our industrial styled workspace in downtown Elmira, NY will be the perfect atmosphere to keep you inspired and focused all day long. Let the Elmira Works community be your new coworkers. Your company may even offer you a coworking stipend, so be sure to ask your manager.